Wednesday, July 3, 2013

[Review] Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil Treatment purchased from Amazon (I live in Jakarta)

Currently, I'm using Moroccanoil Treatment which took me almost a year to consider to try it on. One of my best friend recommended it to me after having a successful encounter and result with the product. It took some time to find a reliable seller that garnered a few hundred reviews from buyers to earn my trust. I got the product shipped from Hong Kong in two weeks. For indonesian readers who are interested to purchase this product, email me for further questions and info of where to buy it locally in Indonesia. 

Basically, Moroccanoil Treatment is an essential hair oil that is purely filled with omega-3, proteins, and many other vitamins (no alcohol or unnatural ingredients). These pure and organic ingredients help nourish and transform hair into the best state it can be: smooth, light, manageable, nourished, and frizz-free. It comes with different sized bottles and different versions of hair (light, dark). All the information is available in the link I have given. 

The price tag is worth the product. I've used this product for couple of months now, and I'm 3/5 on the way to the bottom. It made my hair much more manageable to tame and style. It also nourished my hair because I can definitely see a difference in my hair's shine and texture, although the difference was not massive. Most of all, I love how the oil doesn't leave my hands sticky, and it directly gets absorbed into the hair strand leaving my hair non-greasy and light-weight (A lot of hair oil products have failed in this certain requirement. They always somehow made my hair much more heavier than it already is.) 
So far, I enjoyed this product and would most likely buy it again in the future, but for now, I'm still in the search of better hair oil out there. 

I've read in a lot of blog reviews and Sephora reviews that many despise the aroma; however, I thought it was very exotic and the smell takes me back to the caribbean sea. It does have a very pungent natural fragrance, but it is nothing like how people have described it oh so dramatically. 

I've recently gotten my Sephora stuff shipped and I'm excited to share my reviews and thoughts in the upcoming posts.


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