Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Hi Guys,

So excited to announce that I've finally launched my new beauty blog!
I'm hoping to inform and inspire all of my readers everywhere. The blog will feature mainly product reviews (not just US products), beauty inspirations, and interviews.

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Monday, March 9, 2015

Glossier's Mask Duo

My Glossier Mask Duo is finally here! It's nice to receive this kind of package during my midterm week :)
I will be posting a review by the end of this week, so check back soon.


Guest of a Guest

I've recently taken an editorial internship at Guest of A Guest. It's a website that covers an eclectic range of topics from society, culture, and the fashion/beauty industry. It will be amazing to see some of my Indonesian readers supporting me by checking out some of the pieces I've written on the site. I've been extremely busy trying to juggle both internship and demanding classes, but hopefully, soon enough, I'll be trying to relaunch my own projects.

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And as always, email me if you have any questions on beauty products, suggestions, or whatever!