Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thick Lids.

(photos were taken from tumblr,, tumblr)

Blue is making a comeback this summer in the eye make-up department. It adds a certain highlight that accentuates the eye color and overall shape. What I love about these pictures that I drew for inspiration is that they all have thick eyeshadow worn and nothing else. The central emphasis is eyes, eyes, eyes. 

Top Picture: What I love about this ensemble is the simplicity that is being carried. Her lips are almost nude in color, her face is covered with minimal foundation and concealing, eyebrows are done with thick brown pencil, and finally a little bit of contouring was done with a dab of bronzer and soft pink flush. The main focus was her smoky brown-black eye make-up. This make-up is perfect for a day to night kind of makeup and suits almost all occasions.
How to pull this look: Bobbi Brown Navy & Nude Eye Palette

Bottom Picture: I absolutely adore this thick navy-midnight-blue eye color with a dab of golden-bronze glitter to top it. It's perfect for a night-out party look that will make your eyes stand out in a busy scene.
How to pull this look: MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow ; Bobbi Brown Metallic Eyeshadow in Midnight 

To polish the eye-makeup, you can apply fake eyelashes and thick mascara to make your eyes really pop.


[Review] Olive Oil Homemade Hair Mask

Hair is known to be the defining factor of a person's entire look. It's only right that we take an extra step in taking care of it. 
An ubiquitous issue that most women have in commons is dried up and coarse hair. Hair that lacks shine, movement, and moisture. A hair stylist used to say to me that you can put hairspray or whatever on your hair, as long as each strand is able to move. 
I have really dried hair due to some chemical treatment I did couple of years ago. Since last year, I have spent countless hours searching through the internet for products that might bring my hair back to its natural shiny state. I tried Carol's daughter hair mask, Organix ginger hair mask, even Kérastase products. Out of those three products, the Kérastase one gave me the better result. 
Now, I was looking for a better alternative to Kérastase. Something inexpensive that will actually works. That's how I came to discover olive oil homemade hair mask. It was a simple and quick procedure that I can do before I shower: 

1) Pour 5tsp of pure extra virgin olive oil, or whatever amount that suits the thickness of your hair (I have really thick hair) into a caster
2) Warm it up in the microwave for 10 seconds. 
3) Divide your hair into sections, and spread evenly. Afterwards, tie it into a bun and cover your hair with a shower cap, or heated towel. 
4) Wait for 30 minutes, or longer if your hair is extremely dried like mine. 
5) Rinse, shampoo and condition like normal. 

The result of this was satisfying but I honestly didn't feel a lot of difference in my hair texture and softness. It was still coarse when my hair was air-dried naturally. So I tried mixing things up with the olive oil. The best result I got was from mixing olive oil with honey or coconut oil. Both gave me a very satisfying result. After one trial, my hair was so much looser, softer, and it had this light feeling that made my hair move naturally.