Monday, July 29, 2013

Clarity [Mood Board]

It's a Monday night and I just had to share these images of some of the amazing and immaculate skin these models have. They are probably a tad bit airbrushed, but who cares? It's close to what they actually have, and I'm jealous. This got me thinking of some saying that I've read before in a beauty article: it goes a bit like this, "the skin you have in your 20s is simply youth, the skin in your 30s is the skin you have been taking care of, and the skin in your 40s is the skin you truly deserve." Cheesy but it has some truth to it. Maybe, we should stop being lethargic and start becoming efficient in our daily skin regime, even at a young age. With reality and its increasing competition in the career and education realm, stress and exhaustion had cunningly stolen our skin's youth. Wrinkles, dark spots, under-eye dark circles, dullness, and many more queuing to be listed. It's summer, enjoy it while it lasts (3 more weeks for me). Drink that min. requirement of 1.5 liter water each day, soak in some sunny vitamin D, restore moisture on your face through face mask, and relax. 


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