Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Read it all (but later)

I hate bookmarking pages. I will sound spoiled if I say this but it seems to be a long process to save a tab or more. And worse, bookmark features in Google Chrome or Safari have unflattering layout that I cannot follow-through.
Often, when I'm roaming around the internet, I would have ten tabs open for ten multifarious articles (often beauty posts ;) ). Most of the time, I would never get to read any of it because I am procrastinating elsewhere or end up forgetting about it. If your situation is akin to mine, keep on reading.
This is when I recently discover the free application called "Pocket" on iTunes. Pocket allows you to create an account (which take 20 seconds) and it automatically integrates itself into your browsers, your safari app in your iPhone, or other medium you use to surf the net. If you see an article you like but have no time to read it now, you can just pocket it to read it later.
So for the slackers out there, this is my lifeboat for productive reading.


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